Employee retention - what makes them tick?

Posted by July 13, 2016

In today's corporate setup, most employees question their growth prospects and are most likely to leave a firm within a year and jump ship. However, in some firms there are a large number of employees who have been there for 5+ years. This brings us to the question what steps can be taken to increase employee retention as well as motivate the employees to work efficiently and be committed to the firm?

As our population continues to increase, finding replacements is easy enough. However, where there is quantity there's a lack of quality. Companies need to pay attention to their employees to understand the significance of making efforts to motivate them. Corporates might consider practices such as flexi hours, benefits, training and development, mentoring, safe workplaces especially for women, a formal code of conduct, etc. to boost employee morale as well as productivity.

"I like my company and love my work but the work hours are too long. With a kid at home, I cannot continue in this company." It is a scientifically proven fact that working more than 8 hours a day can increase your chances of a stroke by 33%. With the option of going home readily available, employees are motivated to finish work efficiently and also lead a life apart from the office.

Firms must also pay special attention to the amount of maternity benefit as well as leave given to their employees and should be sympathetic to expectant mothers in general. By being supportive, the employee feels a sense of kinship with their firm, which creates a positive image of the organisation in their eyes and they are encouraged to work with dedication thereafter.

Another important aspect of employee retention is communicating to your employees that you care about their safety. It is an employer's job to provide a safe and conducive working environment where men and women can do productive work. Complykaro can assist organisations in this communication. We can provide workshops on sexual harassment, sensitisation training, posters, etc.

By taking progressive steps like these, firms can expect higher retention rates as well as attract the right candidates for the job. They can also benefit as high employee morale results in work being done effectively and efficiently.

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