A big concern for most corporates and organisations is protecting and maintaining a good reputation especially an untarnished public image. For this, an organisation has to provide and ensure that a safe environment where creativity and productivity come to the fore – is sustained at all times. Being up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations especially with regard to an individual's rights and personal safety adds that crucial dimension of security at the workplace.

Complykaro empowers organisations with a bouquet of services to comply with The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013 empowering the employer and its Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) to fulfil all its obligations under the law by providing a cost effective state-of-the-art IT platform as well as year round advisory support.

Complykaro can support your organisation by helping it comply with the following provisions, as mandated by the law:


Formulation of an anti-sexual harassment policy.

  • Provide posters incorporating Company Logo for displaying within the organisation which accentuates the legal consequences of sexual harassment.
  • Create an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) at each location to address any sexual harassment complaints (compulsory if organisation employs 10 or more workers).
  • Help identify & nominate a member from an NGO/association committed to the cause of women or a person with legal knowledge of issues relating to sexual harassment in the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) situated at each location. Allowances payable to such member shall be borne directly by the organisation.
  • Formulate order constituting the ICC at each location, incorporating therein the names and contact details of its Members.
  • Sensitise all employees with provisions of the sexual harassment law, through online/classroom training and awareness programmes.
  • Make ICC members aware about the provisions of law to effectively deal with sexual harassment complaints through online/classroom capacity building and skill building programmes.
  • Help formulating the annual report to be submitted by the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) to the organisation and District Officer.
  • Help the organisation formulate its annual report to the appropriate authority and/or incorporate the same in its Annual Report.


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