My Office Greatest - what makes their work life fun?

Posted by July 13, 2016

What sets one workplace apart from the other? What is it about the work environment and the working culture that makes people productive or non-productive? We asked people from different industries to describe what they think are the best things about their workplace.

A digital agency �€" It is the people and the atmosphere and energy they create. Almost like a family set-up, if one person has a problem or is stuck in a campaign, everyone pitches in (even if all they do is making sarcastic comments). "It is amazing how joking with your colleagues can lead to major breakthroughs and lifting of creative blocks!" says Shameen, a social media executive.

That law firm �€" If you have ever read a law, you will know how strict, formal and proper it sounds. You would expect the same from a law firm then. The same isn't true for Abhijeet's law firm though. "I like the review system that my firm has in place. I was asked to write a draft, which was reviewed by a senior partner. Though it was disconcerting with the many faults he picked, at least I got to know the mistakes I had made. During appraisal, I can tell my firm where I feel I am lacking and they provide the requisite training to even that gap."

The IT Industry �€" This is one industry where the pay packages are sky-rocketing and the lifestyle seems glamorous. However, there is a flip side. Skipped meals, stress, erratic sleep timings, etc. can all take a serious toll on one's health. "I have been working in the company for 3 years now but I have moved laterally a lot. I am currently in my 5th team, which is great for my professional growth. Also the work-life balance is excellent. I don't have a clock-in and clock-out time and I can even work from home!" Garima Bannerjee states this excitedly.

Back to school �€" While all of us have been students, few of us have knowledge of what it is like on the 'other' side of the table. "Being with children makes me feel young again! Looking at the world from their perspective teaches me something every day." Mr. Chauhan teaches senior grades, but his views are echoed by countless other teachers.

Every office has a USP, an essence which sets it apart. All you have to do is find it, hone it and do it well. As part of the work culture, it is necessary to set limits about decorum, discipline etc. Complykaro can wipe out that haze by helping corporates implement what is acceptable behavior. This can be done in varied ways through informative posters, counseling and skill-building sessions.

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