Harassment Training

Today, long-term success can only be achieved with a sense of responsibility towards our ecosystem, i.e., equality and dignity of people, inclusive growth in society and helping in the growth of the economy. Our mission is to create awareness and strengthen the culture of responsibility, especially at the workplace.

This is important, as by being responsible, we are establishing systems that will eliminate complications in the long run. We help you to be responsible by enabling you to comply with the law within your organisation.

We endeavour to provide the legally compliant way to keep your organisation safe for all its employees, with a suite of anti- sexual harassment solutions in the form of policies, processes and practices.

Beginning from creating awareness, progressing to prevention and finally redressal, Complykaro provides a comprehensive range of solutions to help your organisations comply with all the requirements under the Sexual Harassment Law.

Complykaro uses the latest innovations in training pedagogy and helps foster a gender sensitive work ethic at your workspace. With the understanding that small actions make big changes, Complykaro aims at creating an environment conducive to the growth of your organisation.

We are,

Your compliance guru and companion for your organisation.

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