Ethical Leadership and women representation

Posted by July 13, 2016

An organisation cannot cater to the different work ethics of every employee. Nor can the employees be allowed to use their varying benchmarks while working for the organisation. It is therefore imperative for an organisation to code and circulate what according to them is right and wrong. An organisation needs to define a code of ethics that should serve as a standard for all employees. Ethics must be imbibed in the work environment; alongwith a firm attitude towards women empowerment as well as disciplinary action for any violation of the rules and regulations is a must.

Organisations in our country today are advancing with the times and are growing in size exponentially. In this atmosphere we must make it a point to strive for women representation. The bastion of women empowerment in a company must be carried proudly by its owners, promoters as well as top management. They must be proactive in explaining basic office ethics to new employees as well as establishing that there would be consequences in violation of such ethics. By following such ethics it may also have ripple effect on an organisation's employees who may imbibe these ethics in their respective homes.

Ethical leadership eventually leads to a great working environment as well as better camaraderie amongst colleagues in the workplace; there are far less problems and any issues are dealt with amicably. Ethical leadership increases efficiency and leads to employees especially women being encouraged and motivated to work harder. It also leads to better employee retention as well as influences potential employees to join the firm thanks to the genial environment.

At Complykaro we strive to achieve gender sensitisation in the workplace and hope to change the collective attitude of organisations slowly but surely one step at a time.

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